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Self Caricature by fuyoshi
Self Caricature
This is me, just so you know. I drew this, too, in a waiting room, and was like, "hey. I'm like. Okay, let's do this."
So I did.
Penny Monroe by fuyoshi
Penny Monroe
This is my little sister. I was just minding my own business, drawing anime crap, and she comes up like, "aaaa draaaaaaawiiiiiiiiin'?"
And I said, "anime."
And she said, "draw meeeeeeee!" so I'm like.
"... Kay."
And I did. She was so happy. She stared at it for several minutes and felt her hair like, "is my hair actually like that?"
Anime Attempt by fuyoshi
Anime Attempt
This is an old piece. I drew it in the dentist waiting room while reading a cosmetic magazine, so I wanted to draw something sort of casual/pretty, and I was like. "HEY. I HAVEN'T DRAWN ANIME IS A LONG TIME."
So yeah.
Dora the Explorer! by fuyoshi
Dora the Explorer!
This is a work-in-progress piece. I suppose I should probably post the final product when the product is final.
Rin by fuyoshi
Okay, this is a finished portrait I did of Kagamine Rin, and I did it all by hand because of awesome markers, and I didn't mess with the brightness settings for fear I'll wash out the color.
Hello, people who still follow me though I'm very inactive.
Starting today, I will be a lot less inactive.

Because... I've been art-ing.

And... I have a scanner. So my uploads will be like, "hey, I just popped this in the scanner. Take it, I don't want it."
Either way, I hope you wouldn't make fun of me too terribly. I'm too lazy to edit my work digitally. I don't do tablet crap, or mouse crap, because mouse crap
is not my thing. I must be very apathetic.


Well, I'll have you know, I THROW myself into my work. And to make up for all the emotional mess, I present it to you as uninterested like I hadn't even made it myself.
[That's a total lie. I freak out over other people's art. I make the biggest deal in the world.]

You get my drift though, ehh?

Yesterday I learned "knickers" is currently a term for "panties" in the UK. Funny. I call the kiddies "knickers" because it was also a style of short-pants popular for little boys in the 1920's.
I like the 1920's.
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Like I'd tell YOU my real name.
United States
Well, you see, I died a long time ago, so I have no life to write about. Even if I AM alive, I have no life to write about.

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