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Well, I suppose it's been too long since I've last updated this. Six months, to be most unfortunately exact.
    Since August, my skills have improved drastically, all thanks to a prodigy I so luckily happened to sit next to at a bowling alley. He and I are part of the same education group. I had no idea he did the art and the stuff. I had my drawing folder and pencil, while he only had a pencil stub and a ripped up magazine. Even still, his ten-minute doodle shamed every polished piece I had in my professional portfolio. He is what inspired me to finally get out of the anime and explore more into realism.

    In truth, he is the most gifted artist at his age I have ever met. We're close friends now, and he never ceases to inspire me... to kill myself.ugH. I'm so jealous. He taught me to draw noses, anywho, and I now love to draw noses.

What else has happened?

    My art mentor lent my sister and I his Copic markers. I've been using them nonstop, mostly to draw Vocaloids. I haven't the slightest idea as to WHAT it is about Vocaloids that inspires me so much, but I can draw A Vocaloid character better than any other anime character, though they are only ordinary anime characters. If that makes any sense. My sister and I intend to attend the upcoming anime convention and hold a table. We want to do simple things this year, since we're very new to anime conventions and dealer tables. Buttons and stickers. My sister has the buttons under control, and I am progressively designing the stickers. I've uploaded several to my gallery, though I still have several to go.

    My playlist is dying. I'm getting bored of all the songs I listen to, and that is because I listen to them over and over and over and over again. I don't like to explore music, you see. Vocaloid, They Might Be Giants, Flogging Molly, Mister Yaah, World's End Girlfriend, Yonderboi, The Submarines, Capsule, Of Mice & Men, Steam Powered Giraffe, and that pretty much concludes the list of artists I listen to.

... ... ....

...Psst. Suggestions would be lovely. <3

AAAAAANYway, yeah.
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United States
I was brought up in a sheltered, artistically enthusiastic household of nine. I spent most of my childhood with a stack of copy paper and some scissors, and perhaps, if I had been a good girl, a pack of markers.

This life resulted in a round-about experience and love for drawing, writing, sewing, music, but a social lack-thereof.

I am now a very young adult who lives in a bed, under a light box and a dam of pencils, markers, or pens. Sometimes I emerge to plant myself before a piano or a sewing machine, but for the most part, my body belongs to my room. <3

Also, I am not limited to one art style. I enjoy a variety of cartoon, realism (as well as I can-- I'm still learning), but I cannot paint for the life of me. Or dance. But that's a different story.

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